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3x3 Unites


Because of my FREE Webinar "The Secrets to Successful sport sponsoring" 3x3 Unites contacted JOYConcepts.  

3x3 Basketball is a very fast growing global sport, in which the Netherlands takes a leading position. Co-founders Mark Schuurman and Jesper Jobse and coordinators Bas Rozendaal and Brian ten Bosch envision 3X3 UNITES as a foundation that combines hard work and efforts to bring this popular urban sport to the next level, in the Netherlands as well as on a global level. “From the streets to the Olympics!”.

Within 3x3 basketball, players have ownership over the process and thus the sport, which means; taking responsibility, being adaptable and making decisions.
Skills which are applicable on the court, but also apply to day to day life off the court. These diverse life skills are what 3X3 UNITES instils in its participants. We extend this message to everyone: Take ownership in your game! Let’s Play!

By developing talent, educating youth, organising next level events and contributing to developmental cooperation projects worldwide, 3X3 UNITES lifts the sport in all its forms to a higher level. Assisting where it’s needed and taking responsibility where it’s possible, all to provide 3x3 basketball with the sustainable platform it deserves. 


To make more impact, 3x3Unites needs more organizations and brands to partner with. Not only national and international, but also in the cities. To makes this work and create focus, JOYConcepts set up a Partnerfiction Model for the foundation to create a win-win with (new) partners. 

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