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BC Hoofddorp

Image by Markus Spiske

The Women's Team (Dames 1) of Basketball Club Hoofddorp started the season 2020-2021 with a new staff, vision and goals. 

Because of this new ambition, new partners were needed. That is why JOYConcepts was asked to set up a partnership strategy for the team. This strategy also included a communication strategy and social media activation.


To involve the team, JOYConcepts organized two sessions with the team. During these two sessions the team was introduced to the partnership strategy and came up with some ideas how to activate the partners, the social media look & feel, who is responsible for what, etc. Next to that a partnership workshop was planned for all the members and the sponsor committee of BC Hoofddorp. 

Due to Covid-19 the team could not execute the partnership strategy completely. In 2021 they signed a new jersey partner!  

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