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Triple ThreaT 🏀


I am so impressed how this initiative is so pure, so authentic, so full of gratitude. It is amazing to see how they challenge, inspire and support the youth in their neighborhood and create that so important 'One Family' community for them! - Joyce 


Triple ThreaT an initiative focussing on youth in Schalkwijk - Haarlem just celebrated their 10 years anniversary. Once started as a small initiative on a Sunday morning, now is a community, including a successful Basketball Club, During these 10 years, they have reached over 23.000 teens and yearly 5.500 youngsters participate in one or more activities and programs. The community is a huge success and keeps on growing. All due to the founders and many volunteers who know, see and feel what these youngsters need. 


Rol models are educated to become the next leaders. They will inspire the next generation and help them to discover their passions and talents. Triple ThreaT thinks that every child has a passion, deserves the best future and supports them to become the best version of themselves. All kind of activities and programs help these youngsters to accelerate and 'shine'. The Dutch Olympic Committee awarded Triple ThreaT as best "Club of 2019" in the Netherlands. 

JOYConcepts has helped Triple ThreaT with their sponsor proposition, strategy, and acquisition of new partners. In every partnership we are looking for a win-win on both sides and this has already led to some great new partnerships. 

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