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Nacra 17

Nacra17 Grand prix december 2019.jpg

Begin 2019 Dewi Couvert asked JOYConcepts if we could create a personal sponsor proposition and strategy for her sailing ambition. Without the support of sponsors and partners it is not possible to compete and train for her dream: The Olympics in 2024! 

Because of this, Dewi is now a Friend of the RedBull athletes team f.e.. At the end of 2019 Dewi has switched from the 49erFX to the spectaculair Nacra-17 competition. With four other talents they train as much as they can and compete at all kind of different (inter)national sailing events. Qualification for the European and World Championships is now her first goal. 

Because of this transfer to the Nacra-17 new sponsorship deals are possible and a new sponsor model is developed, so every organization or brand, small or large, friends and family can now join Dewi's ambition.  

For the Dutch Sailing Federation it is hard to financially support the new Nacra-17 Team, due to lack of sponsors. The Nacra-17 Team has asked JOYConcepts to setup a 'Nacra-17 Team' sponsor proposition for the team only, so they can keep on training and gain more experience by participating at different tournaments. 

A fantastic partnership and 1+1=3 collaboration with VanClaes Trailers has already started due to this proposition. With more partnerships like these, they hope to qualify for the Olympics at Paris in 2024! 

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