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Simac Ladies Tour

Simac Ladies Tour - Eric van Schagen - T
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The Holland Ladies Tour ​was looking for a new partner and asked JOYConcepts and JM Smulders for help and advice. This Tour is the only 6 day cycling event of the UCI Women's World Tour in the Benelux.

With the use of our partnerfication model we ended up with a few brands and categories who have a perfect fit with professional women cycling. 

Dutch technology company Simac NV was already active in the world of professional cycling, but was also looking for a female activation. Their CEO, Eric van Schagen, sees a lot of similarities between women sports and their company profile, but also the opportunities women's sport has. After a successful first year (2021), the partnership is extended for at least one more year.  

The second Simac Ladies Tour will be held from August 30th - September 6th, 2022 and will be fully covered by Ziggo Sport. More info

Eric van Schagen (CEO Simac Techniek NV)
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