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A few examples of todays work in-progress

Any questions about/interest in the cases below? Let me know! + 31 (0) 6 26 21 27 83

Women's Football ⚽️

Dutch Women Soccer team Telstar is looking for a new partner

This Dutch soccer team is about to make history. This upcoming season (2022-2023) the team will participate for the first time in the Dutch Premier League. They have asked JOYConcepts and JM Smulders BV to help finding a new head partner to support this team. 

Padel 🎾
Schermafbeelding 2022-08-02 om 13.47.28.png

Padel Dam: a new partnership proposition, acquisition + social media strategy

Padel is one of the fastest growing sports in The Netherlands. Padel Dam is a padel location with 11 padel courts. Recently they have added a huge beach area for beach tennis, beach volleybal and other beach sports. JOYConcepts is asked to help with a new proposition, partnership strategy and social media strategy. 

Interested in Padel court sponsoring or what Padel could do for your business? Please contact me and I will explain the opportunities. 

NK CLUBS ice-skating ⛸ 

NK Clubs - October 2022@Thialf Heerenveen

The NK Clubs competition is thé start of the ice-skating season. At the beginning of the season the best 14 clubs compete for the title: National Champion for Clubs! This event is all about #clublove! 

Check all the details and recap video's of the previous two tournaments here on this JOYConcepts site


In 2022 we will organize the fourth edition! 


We are in close contact with the Top 20 ice-skating clubs in The Netherlands. So as a partner of NK Clubs you will have an amazing reach with these active clubs and their members. Next to that you have visibility and fun activation during this unique Dutch Championship. In the presentation above, you find all the facts & figures and partnership possibilities. 

Contact JOYConcepts for more information: +31 (0)6 26212783

K3 Fun Run 🏃 🏃‍♀️ 
K3D0-2020-002250 Keyvisual K3 run_linked

K3 Kids Fun Run - June, 2023 @Breda 

Studio 100 has asked JM Smulders BV & JOYConcepts to activate this concept and organize the K3 Fun Run for kids in 2021. K3 is one of the most famous pop girl groups for kids in Belgium and The Netherlands and has an enormous reach on all kind of different socials.  Due to Covid we had to postpone the 2021 edition. But in 2023 we will run, dance and have fun in Breda! 

K3! They sing, dance, act and have their own theater- and TV show and merchandise. With the K3 Fun Run, K3 wants to make kids more aware of a healthy lifestyle. This event will take place in June @Breda. Next to the Run, all kind of sportive and fun  side-events will be organized. Many sports federations will be present with fun activities and other characters of Studio 100 will attend the Run. Next to the Run, K3 will also show the kids and their parents that healthy food can also be fun. 

Do you want to be present in the heart of young families and young kids (age 3-10) with your brand/product? Please contact JM Smulders BV or JOYConcepts to discuss the different partnership possibilities. 

Virtual Football ⚽️

Do you want to get in touch with men 35+, with a high interest in football? 

This Football - Weekly Magazine:
✅ Is a proven TV format in more than 15 countries
✅ Can be aired in multiple countries
✅ Can be programmed flexible 
✅ Includes interesting partnerships
✅ Offers all kind of different branding options
✅ Gets more attention than a 'regular' commercial + is in the ❤️ of the target group with actual and distinctive content

If you look for example to The Netherlands, your brand will be:
✅ 25-30min per week on TV
✅ >500.000 views per week

Schermafbeelding 2020-11-27 om 16.07.51.
Football boarding ⚽️

For the professional soccer club sc Heerenveen JOYConcepts is looking for a new partner. 

80% of the people who watch a football  match (in-stadium or on TV), use multiple devices during the game. 

Nowadays great activation possibilities and interaction with your target group is possible. JOYConcepts has some great ideas how to activate these kind of partnerships and reach your targets. 

✅ Great visibility during live matches (in-stadium and at home)

✅ Access to the (business) network of sc Heerenveen 

✅ Interaction possibilities

JOYConcepts - ideas  

Next to the list above, JOYConcepts has some ideas and concepts for many different sports and target groups.

A few examples:

✅ International presence + visibility with one of the most watched sports 

✅ Interaction + fan engagement with fans at home (worldwide). Tool can be used for all sports that are live on TV

✅ Reach students with a sports concept that also involves ánd activates your employees 

✅ Reach a dedicated audience with a family oriented sport + participation of pro's during a distinctive sports event 

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