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Special Olympics


1. "Changing Lives - Changing Attitudes"


What a great foundation Special Olympics is! With a lot of pleasure, JOYConcepts helped Special Olympics to update their sponsor proposition and  approach new partners for two really new and important projects.  


To update their current sponsor proposition JOYConcepts used her unique Brand Partnerfication Model. Because of this model some blind spots in their overall strategy became visible. But it also made clear which organizations/brands could be interesting to partner with and which not. It also forces the organization to be more specific with their targets, focus and purpose of their projects. With this, sponsorship proposals can be more accurate and brands and organizations can be approached with 1+1=3 concepts. 

This pré-work has led to two really large and cool partnerships. One of these partnerships supports the development and implementation of the "Scoor je PR-app". With this app the target group of Special Olympics learn what they have to do to increase their endurance, power and balance and to keep score and stay healthy/fit. 


With the other partnership it was possible for Special Olympics to organize the Special Olympics National Games of 2020 in The Hague for more than 2.000 athletes. But they could also develop a Special Olympic school program for all primary schools in The Hague. This program supports the interaction between the primary schools in The Hague and the Special Olympics athletes. The athletes will visit the schools, present themselves (coached by the partner!) and after the presentation they will play sports together at school. The kids from the school will visit, cheer and support 'their' athletes at the National Games. A great activation and example to increase inclusion at schools and work! 

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