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Important message to all professional athletes, teams, sports clubs and sports federations.

The last couple of weeks have been a disaster for competitions and tournaments that have been cancelled or postponed because of the Corona virus pandemic. A huge disappointment for all of us. Being a former athlete myself I also feel the disappointment you guys have to cope with. The corona virus is making a lot of victims. Athletes are banned from their pitches, tracks and courts and have nothing to do. Without a goal in their lives, athletes get bored very easily. Sportclubs and federations have also closed their doors and their employees are in quarantine at home and have nothing or less to do as well.

My big questions to all of you: which of you have called their sponsors in this last week to ask how they are doing in this difficult time and ask them ‘is there anything I or we (as a team) can do for you’?

A partnership means working together and that works both ways. A partnership is like a marriage. You are there for each other for better and for worse. Partners and sponsors also support their athletes when things are difficult or not going according to plan, you have lost your match, or you have an injury. There are NO company’s today that have NO problems. It is your obligation as an athlete to support them in this difficult time!

Call your sponsors (don’t just send them text messages or e-mails) and ask them how they are doing. Take some time to listen to what they have to say. To show that you are empathic might already be enough. Show them real interest in their situation. Then ask them if there is something you can do for them in this difficult time. You may be able to help from a distance. Maybe support their helpdesk, do a Monday morning motivational speech or weekly blog or vlog in which you give your mental support to the employees of your sponsor. Or a Skype/video Q&A or maybe a live warming up…. Even an online training for the kids of the employees or home-schooling assistance about discipline is an option, that what you athletes are very good at! Give support to their social media platforms with content, etc, etc. This can easily be done from whatever location you are in quarantine at the moment. To sum this up, ask the question, show your interest and care and stay in contact. Your sponsors need your attention and support now.

When you are in a position to leave your home again and start your game preparation to compete, your partners and sponsors will be there again to support you with your wins but also with your losses. You are in this together!

If you feel lost about how to do this with your sponsors, or you need ideas or inspiration about how to support your personal sponsors, then please contact JOYConcepts and we will help you, free of charge!

Stay healthy, stay strong, help, inspire and support each other!


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