is a creative agency with focus on sports and vitality. We help organizations to reach their targets with appropriate sponsorships, partnership marketing, distinctive concepts and SMART activation. We have the experience, the creativity and mentality to make this all a success for you. 

Recent research by ESP Properties (2018) shows that 58% of the sponsors consider to stop with their sponsorship within a year. This is mostly the result of different expectations of all parties involved. Sponsors, rights-holders, organizations and athletes are not properly supervised and targets are not met. For all of them this is really frustrating and a waist of time and money. No winners, just losers. 


JOYConcepts has years of experience on all sides of the 'sponsor table' With this JOYConcepts can help rights-holders to better understand the mindset of their sponsors. We can help to guide them with finding the right sponsors with the right partnership. The other way around we can help organizations and brands to maximize their sponsorship deals. New, but also optimize existing sponsorships. 


This is all done with a SMART partnerfication approach, including a measurable partnerfication model. With this the maximum Return on Involvement for all parties will be achieved. 


JOYConcepts helps organizations, brands, athletes and rights-holders to make the best out of new and existing sponsorships:








"Sponsorship is not primarily a media buy. It's context for brands to humanize themselves". - Giles Morgan





"Good sponsorship answers business needs" 

To succeed with sponsoring as a sponsor or rights-holder, you need to maximize your  Return on Involvement (RoI)


Sponsoring is not only about donating money anymore or putting your logo on a sponsor board along the field.  The success of sponsoring is a combination of budget, the big WHY, a SMART strategy, your fans, a clear activation plan, partnering and lots of FUN between all the parties involved.


To get the best results and increase your Return on Involvement, JOYConcepts has developed her own partnerfication-model. This model helps  sponsors and rights-holders to get the best out of their partnerfication. Measuring the results is guaranteed by regularly measuring them:


Activation + Partnership = Partnerfication 



After years of working for

- the Johan Cruyff Foundation as a manager marketing and fundraising,

- different corporates ands brands, like Campina dairy, Sportlife and XyliFresh chewing gum as a brand manager,

- Sportvibes as a sports consultant, to connect organizations, brands and sport with successful concepts and activations,

- the Jong Ondernemen Foundation as a Director,

and many years playing for the Dutch Golf Team U21 do I, Joyce Rommelaar, know all 'seats' at the sponsor table. Because of all these experiences, I know what you need to succeed with sponsoring and which activities and concepts work best to get the maximum Return on Involvement.

Due to my experience with Jong Ondernemen en reaching yearly 80.000 teens and students, having my own youth coaching practice from 2010-2012 and founder of the sports program FunBal for kids, I have a lot of experience with youth as a target group. 

In combination with lots of creativity, strategic thinking and a huge sports network, I am your executive coach to success.  

"Joyce Rommelaar is a creative hands-on marketeer and leader. She always asks the question behind the question. Because she is really interested in the details and background. With this information she can come up with an original, effective approach or intervention to help people, strategies, and projects to a higher level. She inspires (see her TEDx talk) and she makes sure the projects run and work.” 

Ellen van Zanten

Ex-colleague, now partner at Business Openers


"Joyce has led our organization in a very enthusiastic and driven way. She tripled the impact with her leadership. Her positive attitude, combined with her experience in marketing, communication, sponsoring, and creativity makes it wonderful to work with her.”  

Hubert Deitmers

Chairman Jong Ondernemen Foundation and Founder/CEO Endeit Capital

"Joyce is an energetic and smart woman with a lot of qualities. The last four years she has led a young team in a characteristic natural way, combining personal superiority with empathy and decisiveness. I have noticed in these years how smoothly Joyce can present herself and the Jong Ondernemen organization, full of conviction and passion. She also managed to strike the right tone with clients and sponsors, and she always looked for the winning approach for both parties. I am a huge fan of Joyce and wish her all the best and good luck!” 

Heleen Dura - van Oord

Entrepreneur/ Investor in Tech 



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#+31 (0)6 262 127 83 - JOYCE@JOYCONCEPTS.NL

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