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Recent research by ESP Properties (2018) shows that 58% of the sponsors consider to stop with their sponsorship within a year. This is mostly the result of different expectations of all parties involved. Sponsors, rights-holders, organizations and athletes are not properly supervised and targets are not met. For all of them this is really frustrating and a waist of time and money. No winners, just losers. 

Sports Consultancy 

Let me help you to create an effective 360-degrees partnership strategy, with a clear mission, vision, targets, who is responsible for what and the highest ROI (Return on Involvement and Return in Investment).

After many years in the world of partnerships and sponsoring, playing for the Dutch Golf Team U21 for many years and working as a marketeer for some corporates, I can relate to all parties at the 'partnership' table. Next to that I created a very, unique, easy and useful Partnerfication model to work with. 


Project Management

Sports marketing is most of the time not embedded in the organization or team/club. Many marketeers have (sports) partnerships in their portfolio next to their current work. But successful partnerships ask for focus, dedication and specific knowledge. Some partnerships are sometimes more seasonable executed and with that, it is sometimes not a full-time job.  

I am a hands-on, creative marketeer with a sales oriented mind, who can help to execute your partnership activation effectively or help you to embed sports marketing better in your organization.

Creative and effective partnership propositions

My creative brain hardly takes time-off. Creating partnership propositions, looking for new chances for organizations with the use of sports partnerships, gives me energy. Over the last years I have come-up with so many out-of-the-box and to-the-point sports concepts for brands, sports clubs, and sports federations. And always with the highest ROI in mind. JOYConcepts: 

  1. Creates opportunities for all parties involved with out-of-the-box sports concepts and propositions 

  2. Writes propositions with next level activations and high ROI's (Return on Investment + Involvement)

  3. Includes social media strategies 

Sparring Partner

You as a brand, organization, athlete or team are 

- about to sign a partnership deal

- thinking about a partnership in sports

- approached by a sports marketing agency with a 'great partnership opportunity' for your business, club or brand.

Or you are an advertising agency and about to propose a sports activation to your client......

Before you sign, present or shoot your commercial, invite me at the table to double check the last details. Sports really is different than working with actors, models, or 'traditional' marketing.


A lot of organizations start a partnership but forget to include the internal organization and employees. How can your employees use the partnership in their advantage (sales, account management, etc)? Within one day I will learn your employees the secrets en do's & don'ts of the most effective partnerships. 

Next to that I have developed all kind of different online training programs about partnerships. So if you are in marketing, HR, sales, or a federation, rights-holder, club or team, check the info about these online programs here




Advertising agencies

Brands & Organizations







Sports federations 

"Joyce Rommelaar is a creative hands-on marketeer and leader. She always asks the question behind the question. Because she is really interested in the details and background. With this information she can come up with an original, effective approach or intervention to help people, strategies, and projects to a higher level. She inspires (see her TEDx talk) and she makes sure the projects run and work.” 

Ellen van Zanten

Ex-colleague, now partner at Business Openers








To succeed with sponsoring as a sponsor or rights-holder, you need to maximize your Return on Involvement (RoI). 


Sponsoring is not only about donating money anymore or putting your logo on a team shirt. The success of sponsoring is a combination of

- budget

- the big WHY

- a SMART strategy

- your fans

- your colleagues

- a clear activation plan 

- partnering 

- and lots of FUN between all parties involved


To get the best results and increase your Return on Involvement, JOYConcepts has developed a unique and effective partnerfication-model. This model helps sponsors and rights-holders to identify the best match in sports and next to that to get the best out of their partnerfication. 





JOYConcepts was one of the agencies that stood out in 2019 according to Fonk Magazine. Fifteen agencies were selected for the "Who to Watch 2019" list.  

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JOYConcepts was on the Consideration list of the SAN New Kids on the Block Award 2019.

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Joyce Rommelaar

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Haarlem, The Netherlands

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